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The Heroes in Children Of Morta are all members of a family, the Bergsons, each with their unique Skills. While adventuring with any of them in the various environments in the lands of Morta, you will witness their emotions and struggles to help one another in order to return peace to their land.

The Bergsons have their unique family culture. The elder members play an important role, especially Grandma Margaret, who talks about the ancient stories and prophecies about the magical Mountain and their family heritage. Each of them has their own individual style and preferences, but their family bonds and their trust in each other are unheard of for those who do not live in the land of Morta.

You will learn about their culture as you play the game and become part of their adventures. Who knows, you will very well internalize this culture in your real life! Although beware that some of their rituals are not to be tried at home!

Family Tree[edit | edit source]

A clickable family tree of the Bergsons.

Grandma MargaretGrandpa AdamRebeccaMaryJohnUncle BenSheilaLindaMarkKevinLucyHopeJoeyFamily Tree.png

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