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Description Her parents’ firstborn, she is ever vigilant, ever focused. And as swift and delicate with a bow as she is with a fiddlestick. Linda is sharp enough that she can shoot her arrows as she walks, should the need arise.
Fighting Style Ranged ➜ Bard
Primary Attack Basic Shot: Linda shoots an arrow in a straight line dealing damage and generating 4 focus per hit.
Evade Cartwheel: Linda nimbly flips forward out of danger. 2 charges.

Linda is one of The Heroes, she's one of the Children Of Morta and the musician of the Bergsons household.

During early development, Linda was planned to form a relationship with Joey.

List of Abilities[edit | edit source]

Rank 0
Explosive Crescendo
Active: Skill Lv 0
Loose an arrow skyward to fall upon Linda's enemies with explosive foce.
Passive: Skill Lv 0
Decrease the stamina Linda must consume while moving and shooting, increasing the duration she can perform.
Rank 4
We Move as One
Trait: Skill Lv 4
The family that moves together, stays together, increasing the entire family's movement speed.
Guardian's Rage
Active: Skill Lv 4
Linda focuses to temporarily push her abilities to their max, drastically increasing her attack speed.
Inner Rhythm
Passive: Skill Lv 4
While standing still, Linda's damage increases with each arrow loosed.
Rank 8
Family Lookout
Trait: Skill Lv 8
Family members gain Explosive Crescendo runes for their various abilities.
Harmonic Slam
Active: Skill Lv 8
Strike a dominating note, stunning all enemies near Linda.
Absolute Focus
Passive: Skill Lv 8
While in Guardian's Rage, Linda's movement speed and critical hit chance are all increased.
Rank 14
A Sister's Care
Trait: Skill Lv 14
Linda appears to perform her Harmonic Slam and stun any nearby enemies when a family member receives heavy damage.
Lentando Charm
Passive: Skill Lv 14
Melee attackers become slowed upon hitting Linda.
Lento to Grave
Passive: Skill Lv 14
Linda deals increased damage against slowed or stunned enemies.
Rain of Arrows
Active: Skill Lv 14
While in Guardian's Rage, unleash a volley of arrows to rain down upon Linda's enemies.
Rank 20
Family Harmony
Trait: Skill Lv 20
Linda's violin whispers in the ears of the family, lifting their spirits and further increasing the entire family's movement speed while weapons are sheathed.
Deft Hands
Passive: Skill Lv 20
Increase Linda's attack speed and decrease the cooldown of all her abilities.
Replenishing Focus
Passive: Skill Lv 20
Restore a portion of Linda's maximum health each time she enters Guardian's Rage.

Gallery[edit | edit source]