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Linda is one of The Heroes, she's one of the Children Of Morta and the artist of the household.

List of Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Basic Shot: Linda shoots an arrow in a straight line dealing damage and generating focus.
    • Generates 4 focus per hit
    • While in focus mode, consumes 3 focus per shot
    • If multiple enemies are very close to each other, can potentially do damage to all
  • Ability 1--Exploding Shot: Linda shoots an arrow skyward, dropping an explosive charge on her enemies.
    • Lands in small radius around cursor, ignoring obstacles
    • Consumes no resources, but has a short cooldown
    • Not useable while in focus mode
  • Character Ability--Harmonic Slam: Linda releases a blast of music, stunning all in a radius around her
    • Consumes no resources, but has a short cooldown
    • Enemies who walk into the radius for a short time after activation are also stunned.
  • Resource--Focus: Linda becomes focused, seeing enemies more clearly
    • Generated over time from basic attacks
    • Focus mode activates at 100 focus
    • While active:
      • Drains 1 focus/second
      • Changes Explosive Shot into Arrow Fall
      • Basic attacks no longer generate stamina, instead costing 3 per attack
      • Enemies are no longer effected by ambient light, and are illuminated
      • Attack speed increases significantly
  • Ability 2--Arrow Fall: Linda channels her focus, raining arrows over an area, and stunning all within its range
    • Cost: 11 focus per second active (max 5 seconds)
    • Ends either at max duration, or when focus mode runs out
    • Not useable outside of focus mode
  • Dodge--Cartwheel: Linda nimbly flips forward out of danger
    • Has short period of start up, not instantaneous
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